Ridderkerk, The Netherlands, July 14, 2014 – BIS, the European leader of audiovisual, video & ICT integration and part of the Mood Media Corporation, has signed a four-year master agreement with DELA Corporation with the option to extend this contract twice. To meet changing demands, DELA Corporation has become the first funeral organization to implement the innovative Memorial Distribution System (MDS) to ensure it can provide a beautiful and personal farewell for its clients.

BIS has been DELA’s main audiovisual partner since 2006 and has equipped the headquarters and twelve crematoriums with innovative audiovisual equipment. The MDS has been developed especially to easily manage and facilitate funeral services, provide visual display and recording capabilities, update music installations and add the ability to join the funeral via the Internet.

A user-friendly interface ensures that auditorium staff can efficiently and carefully incorporate the content that their clients wish to see in the ceremony. Upon request by DELA, the standard functionality of MDS has been extended to provide the ability to remotely log-in so that the ceremony can be managed from a distance.

Peter Engelen, leader of the DELA audio and video integration project, is happy with the collaboration: “Funeral wishes are quickly evolving and the visual aspect in particular is becoming more important during the service. This makes sense because pictures have a strong meaning and support the words of the service. Since we can now manage everything on a digital platform, we are even more able to meet our members’ needs in this regard.”

The partnership between BIS and DELA Corporation has already equipped locations with HD displays, the ability to provide different music formats and the integration of music video and PowerPoint decks within the service. BIS MDS also enables funeral centers to easily produce a CD and/or DVD of the occasion. Due to the success of the partnership, numerous DELA funeral centers will be equipped with the new standard MDS in coming years and as a contract partner, BIS will also be involved in numerous additional audiovisual innovations.

About BIS
BIS, part of Mood Media Corporation (TSX:MM/LSE AIM:MM), advises, designs, builds and maintains areas where total Audiovisual and ICT solutions occupy a central place. As European leader in Audio Visual, Video & ICT integration BIS is particularly specialized in the realization of AV & ICT solutions, conference systems, digital signage (narrowcasting) and room management, combined with well thought out technical services. In addition, BIS has to maintain its high reputation in Event Rental and Digital Productions. BIS has around 250 employees that work in strategically located offices in Europe (Netherlands, Belgium, England, Germany and France).

About DELA Corporation
DELA, established in 1937, helps people with funeral insurances and services. Together with its daughter companies, DELA owns 70 crematoriums and funeral centres in the Netherlands. It is a non-profit cooperation, owned by its policyholders. DELA, with HQ in Eindhoven, is market leader in Holland as well as in Belgium, with over three million policyholders. The organization has almost 1.500 employees.